Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Utah State Archives

Most records held by the Utah State Archives are not indexed.

Some creating agencies may have indexed record series, but frequently these are found as an index at the beginning or end of an individual volume, or as a separate record series. Such indexes are then available in paper or on microfilm. A few series are indexed electronically.

These indexes may only index part of a series—particularly if there is already an index available in paper or microfilm to the remainder of the series. Occasional electronic indexes index an entire series.

What follows are full or partial electronic indexes to those portions of our holdings which are available for searching online. The indexes are arranged alphabetically by the name of the creating agency for the series

Index Search which was made by volunteers at FamilySearch Indexing: Current Projects:
"Utah Genealogical Association
Salt Lake County Deaths, 1933-1949 "


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