Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vista and Family Tree Maker and Rootsweb

I am really irritated we do not have hot links any more on the Rootsweb message boards

the Rootsweb management has given no explanation of why this primitive state of affairs has not been fixed

there is no update for users of FTM 11 or earlier, as support for these versions has been discontinued.

FTM 16 rules OK :-)

" . . . certain aspects (like exporting a view, book, or tree to PDF) will not function without an important update for your copy of Family Tree Maker 16. This update is completely free, and steps for updating your program are given in this article.

# Download the Vista Compatibility update by from the original article

# When prompted, choose to save it to your Desktop

# Double-click the FTMVistaUpdater.msi file on your desktop to launch the update installer

# When the security warning is displayed, click the Run button.

search:- vista
click here for the full answer

I will wait at least a year before VISTA is for me

even DELL in their cataogue out today in UK offer an "upgrade" to win XP for £50 on a pre-installed Vista machine - Message Boards this thread on
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