Monday, March 19, 2007

Gordon Boys school

Gordon Boys Orphanage Founded In 1885 By Mr Blackman: "The Gordon Boys will always be remembered by old Dovorians as those closely cropped boys who, on high days and holidays were bedecked in highland kilts and all the trimmings, very smart and spectacular with their bagpipes.

They played well-known Scottish airs during the various events and processions that were part of the scene in those days. Any minor event provided the excuse for a procession, church parades, dedication of Girl Guide or Boy Scout colours, invariably headed by The Gordon Boys.

I think that the boys were glad of the diversion, for at other times they were not allowed out. On weekdays, the finery removed, they were rather wistful little lads, dressed in drab woollen jerseys and ill-fitting trousers and they all attended St James Boys' School."


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