Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Usability of web pages Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design

in an email Greetings from Shanghai :-

. . . For most of the things we tested, there was NO DIFFERENCE in the usability guidelines between Asia and other parts of the world. This is similar to findings in our studies in Japan and Korea.

For example, take financial journalists in Hong Kong. A hugely important group to consider when designing the investor relations (IR) and public relations (PR) sites for any big multinational corporation, which is why we tested these users to get material for our upcoming seminar on presenting information about a company on its website. Most of what Hong Kong financial journalists need from your website is the same as the financial journalists we have already tested in New York, London, and Copenhagen.

In other words, the differences between the peoples of the world are not as great as they are sometimes made out to be. At least not when it comes to the usability guidelines for Web design.


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