Monday, April 02, 2007

Barbour Collection

Barbour Collection: "The Barbour Collection is a transcribed collection of the Connecticut vital records (birth, marriage and death)covering the years from 1630 to 1850, arranged in alphabetical order for the state. There are several editions of this collection and we use the slip edition which maintains the origional spelling of the surnames. This collection as with any collection does have transcription errors and not exactly complete as some towns were missed, but all and all a great resource to use."

New York State Census Transcription Project: "NHGS (New Horizons Genealogical Services)is in the process of starting several transcription projects. If you are an independent transcriber looking for a place to publish your work, or have a website with your work already published and would like to link to us, email us with your link and short description or file of your transcribed data and we will publish it where we feel most appropriate.

Our Mission: To bring these groups of records together in one place making them more accessible to the researcher. By having a very nice, as complete as possible listing of records already been transcribed, will hopefully avoid unnecessary duplication of transcriptions and thus allowing for more records to be transcribed and published for researchers to use.

Note: Your work and copy write will always remain yours and we will always give you full credit for it. We will never copy your work, just add a link to it, unless you ask us to publish it on our site for you.



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