Monday, April 02, 2007

Monumental sales

Monumental Manipulation:
"Now, on to the monument dealer who sells only markers as a primary occupation. Many times the monuments are only marked with a number tag—NO PRICE. Never, ever get a marker here, because it's all too easy for the salesperson to manipulate the price by using different price books for different people.

Example: Customer walks into monument dealership looking for a monument for Mom. By casual small-talk, salesperson, who works on a commission and/or quota system, realizes that they are retired and on a fixed income, so the lower-priced list is used; this is the price list which indicates the REAL prices of the monuments. If they answer that they are successful professionals, for example, the higher-priced list is used.

One funeral director in our area—like many others around the country—owned a separate monument business. He would offer all families who used HIS funeral home a 10% discount if the stone was purchased from his own monument business. But he would then have his salesperson use a list which was 15% higher-priced than his normal prices, so the stones actually cost the consumer 5% more."


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