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qualifications in genealogy

In my own opinion a masters degree in history would be a good foundation for a career in this field followed by two or three of the qualifications mentioned below

Alphabet Soup - A Look at Professional Genealogical Qualifications - by William R. Ward:

No one of the programs mentioned in this paper is perfect. Each has points which commend it. It is the author’s contention that an American researcher would do well to consider both certification and accreditation.
A British researcher would not only rightfully attempt for accreditation and registration, but also certification as a genealogical record searcher (GRS)
[as a minimum about 12 years study and experience HW

The professional genealogist traditionally displays his curriculum vitae in abbreviated form, by use of post-nominal initials. This custom is widespread in Great Britain, where post-nominals are used for more than just academic or professional qualifications. Indeed, the study of an individual's post-nominals in England can tell the inquirer a great amount of detail concerning the Englishman's social standing, academic background, honors, and profession.

A Glossary of Post-nominals Used By Professional Genealogists
AGAccredited Genealogist
CALSCertified American Lineage Specialist
CGCertified Genealogist
FAASFellow of the American Antiquarian Society
FASFellow of the Augustan Society
FASGFellow of the American Society of Genealogists
FGSPFellow of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
FHGFellow of the Heraldry Society
FHSFellow of the Heraldry Society
FIGRSFellow of the Irish Genealogical Research Society
FNGSFellow of the National Genealogical Society
FRHistSFellow of the Royal Historical Society
FRSAIFellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
FSAFellow of the Society of Antiquaries
FSAAFellow of the Society of American Archivists
FSA (Scot)Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
FSGFellow of the Society of Genealogists
GRSCertified Genealogical Record Searcher
LHGLicentiate in Heraldry and Genealogy
RGRegistered Genealogist

see some discussions in the Usenet soc.genealogy.methods | Google Groups
and for example
soc.genealogy.methods search: "Professional Genealogist Qualifications "
soc.genealogy.methods search "professional genealogist"

my own post-nominals are LGSM LRAM ARCM


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