Monday, June 11, 2007

Denmark / Danmark

Cyndi's List - Denmark / Danmark

genealogy / genealogi

I really ought to tell Cyndi Howells about my own sites which all need updating

Danish Census and Church Books : Welcome
Danish family history with Hugh: "How to find your cousins abroad"
Danish Census FAQ

[Dannebrog] -forside på dansk
Hvordan begynder man på at forske i sin slægt? Slægtshistorie hos HUGO
OSS-1 - slægtsforskning - FAQ
OSS - FAQ links på dansk
Helsingør church books and more
this page was deleted by TDC so I made a safety copy from Googles cache

Virtual Reference Library

Virtual Reference Library
Hübertz listing Aarhus historie

Vort sogns historie - Indholdsfortegnelse created by Henning H. Jacobsen Risskov, Danmark

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Danish FAQ

Danish Archives FAQ
DAISY electronic catalogue FAQ
Lost census - manglende danske folketællinger

Danish personal names and naming FAQ
dk-de_place_names - some German and Danish forms of names in Slesvig

Kirkebøger FAQ - Danish National Archives Church Books, or parish registers

1000 Danish surnames
The top one thousand surnames in Denmark on January 1 2004
- with thanks to Dorthe Larsen at Danmarks Statistik

FOTW Unionbanner Kalmarunion and other flags

other FAQ

British Archives FAQ
Rootsweb FAQ
Help with census of the United Kingdom

street index / gade register
these are frozen becasue deep linking to the images has been banned

Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1787
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1801
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1840
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1855 under construction
Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1860 and names
FT 1787, Odense, Bjerge, Kølstrup
FT-1840 for Bedsted

one place study of Brumleby AKA Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger

Randers Census Indexing Project
Lost census - manglende FT - FAQ

dnkcen Site Map


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