Monday, June 04, 2007

raining in Copenhagen

so a good day for the archives
and to check the opening times I made this
lak sa dk - Google Search
and fell over some useful pages in english:-

Family History: "Alphabets - and handwriting styles

Until 1875 the so-called 'German' or 'Gothic' handwriting style, was commonly used in Denmark. This was also the handwriting style, that children were taught in school. Practically all our older documents are written in this style - and it is necessary to learn how to read it, if you wish to use our records.
There are some letters, that you should watch out for in particular. The letters 'f', 'h' and the extended 's' are quite similar and could easily be mistaken for each other. The short 's' might also resemble the latin 'r', used in present-day handwriting. The letters 'v' and 'r' also seem quite similar.

Old-time spelling
When using records of some age, you must not expect to find the same spelling of a word, as you might find in a present-day dictionary. You must not even expect the writers to spell correctly, or spell the same word in the same way every time they write it. Often you may see a word spelled in two or three different ways - within the same page. Or even within the same sentence!

In older texts - from around 1600-1680 - you might find some words spelled with an 'i' where contemporary Danish would require an 'e'. For instance 'her' (in Danish='hendes') spelled 'hendis'. Or 'their' (in Danish='deres') would be spelled 'deris'.
In the same way, the letter "g" could be substituted by "ck" or "ch". So, the word "and" (in Danish="og") would be spelled "ock" or "och".
Another difficulty could arise, if the writer spoke a dialect. This could often influence his spelling and use of words.

three clicks later I got to:-
Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm

Abningstider og ekspedition
Landsarkivets læsesale har åbent fra kl. 9 til kl. 16.
Du har mulighed for at få hjælp og vejledning mellem kl. 9 og 15.

English, please

I am going to do some more work on KARL DANE silent film star from Denmark


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