Monday, July 16, 2007

Genea-Musings: No PDs at the SD FHC Yet

Genea-Musings: No PDs at the SD FHC Yet: "

I can hear you asking - "what's a PD?" Well - it's a "Premium Database."

What's a "Premium Database" you ask? It is what the LDS is calling a database that the LDS has partnered with - like,,, and

These four sites, plus the National Archives and HeritageQuestOnline are in the Favorites menu at the San Diego FHC in a category called 'Premium Online Databases' or something similar. I try to check these things out every time I go down there, for the obvious reason.

I asked the folks who run the FHC, and they say they don't know when the Premium Databases will be available."


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