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Bristol commercial directories

Bristol in England

Bristol Iron Dealers, Founders, Manufacturers, Ironmongers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Italian Warehousemen, Ivory Black Manufacturers, Japan Manufacturers, Japanners, Jewellery Case Manufacturer, Job Masters, Joiners, Ship & House, Lacemen, Lace Mender, Lamp Warehouses, Lantern Leaf Makers, Last, Patten, & Boot Tree Makers, Lead Manufacturers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Leather Cutters & Sellers, Leather Factors, Leather, Hose & Millband Manufacturers, Leech Dealers, Libraries, Limeburners 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Linen Drapers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Livery Stable Keepers, Locksmiths & Bellhangers, Looking Glass Manufacturer, Lunatic Asylum, Machine Makers, Machine Rulers, Mustard Mills, Nail Manufacturers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Malsters, Marine Store Dealers, Mat & Matting Manufacturers, Mealman, Medical Label Publishers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Merchants 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Milliners & Dressmakers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Pawn Brokers, Picture Dealers, Pin Makers, Plane Makers, Plasterers & Tilers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Physicians, Piano-forte Tuners & Picture Frame Makers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Pilots 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Plumbers & Glaziers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Professors & Teachers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Provision Factors 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Rope & Twine Makers, Sack Contractors, Sacking & Sack Manufacturers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Saddlers Ironmongers, and Saddle Tree Makers, Sail Makers, Saw Makers, Sheriff Officers, Ship & Boat Builders, Ship Chandlers, Shoe Heel, Clog Iron and Patten Ring Makers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Saddlers & Harness Makers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Salt Merchants, Saw Makers, Saw & Planing & Moulding Mills - Steam, Sculptors, Seedsmen, Sewing Machine Makers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Solicitors 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Stationers, Stationers-Fancy, Stationers-Law, 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Stay & Corset Makers, 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Straw Hat Manufacturers, Straw Plat & Tuscan Dealers, Sugar Mill Makers, Sugar Refiners 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Surgeons & Surgical Instrument Maker 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Tanners, Tilers, Slaters & Plasterers, Timber & Faggot Dealers 1837 (Robson's)

Bristol Tea Dealers & Tin-plate Workers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Temperance Hotels, Ticket Writers, Trade Protection Societies, Trimming Warehouses 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Tin-Plate Merchants, Toy Manufacturers, Tripe Curers, Trunk & Portmanteau Makers, Truss Makers, Turners, Umbrella & Parasol Makers 1846 (Slater's)

Bristol Tobacco & Snuff Manufacturers, Tobacco Pipe Makers, Tobacconists 1846 (Slater's)

Bristol Tobacco & Snuff Manufacturers, Tobacco Pipe Makers, Tobacconists 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Toy Makers, Tripe Dressers, Umbrella & Parasol Makers, Upholsterers 1868 (Slater's)

Bristol Undertakers 1846 (Slater's)

Bristol Undertakers 1868 (Slater's)

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Trade Directories of Gloucestershire - index: "- Transcriptions of some selected Towns and Villages within the Forest of Dean. Click this link for a list of Towns and Villages in the Forest."


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