Thursday, August 02, 2007

US National Genealogical Society.

NGS | Research Services | NGS Bible Records: "the massive collection of family group sheets sent in by NGS members since the 1960s is being indexed and digitized. A full abstract of all (1,000,000+) names on every MAC, along with dates and places, has been completed for over 66,000 MACs sent in before 1995; work will continue on MACs received since then.

About half of the MAC collection abstract has now been uploaded to the Members-Only section and more data is uploaded daily. Images of the MACs are being scanned into PDF format, linked to the abstract, and uploaded as well."

I always enjoy reading UpFront with NGS
NGS | UpFront with NGS: The Online Newsletter of the National Genealogical Society
they had a bad link to their own page and restrict quotation of content
Previous issues are archived online.
do scroll down and read
What Kind of Society Member are You? by Chuck Mason, CG:
"If you are on any major e-mail list, I am sure you have read about the
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's recent proposal to
eliminate their members' right to vote on society elections and other
issues. The board of directors would make all decisions, including who
would serve on the board in the future. [Editor's note: This proposal
became a reality at the NYG&B July 19 meeting.] As you can imagine, this
has stirred up a lot of controversy. It also prompts me to ask the
question, 'What kind of society member are you?'

Many of us join societies where we live and also ones in an area where
our ancestor's live. We join a local society because they usually offer
educational opportunities in the form of programs, educational classes,
and seminars. They also may have a research facility that we use for our
research . . . "

and scroll further down to read:-
Things I Wish I Had Done by Pam Cerutti, Editor
" Every genealogist started out as a novice. We all improve our research practices over time, sometimes with the help of more experienced people - either verbal or written - and sometimes by our mistakes and omissions. I made my fair share of mistakes along the way, and it occurred to me that some good might come of them by sharing them here. Lecture presentations work for some, while others want the bottom line.
This article speaks to the latter group. If another person or two thinks twice about their own efforts and steps up where I faltered, then it's not all for naught.

I wish I had asked my grandmother . . . "

Society membership is not for shoe string genealogists like myself but being a volunteer, eg doing look ups for strangers even in the archives, or transcribing , gives me daily fun, lasting satisfaction and happiness.


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