Thursday, September 27, 2007

Biz Blogs of the genealogy industry. Blog: "* Suzanne Bonner * September 25, 2007 Welcome to the Ancestry Blog! We’ve created this Ancestry blog as the place to keep you connected with what’s going on at It’s a place to learn about new additions – our products, content, features and other services – as we develop them. Here you will read blog posts from the people who create and develop these products and features for"

Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur » What to do with good news and bad news: "Last week I sent an email to the investors in World Vital Records with a bunch of good news. We had a record sales week. We are signing more partnerships. Our marketing programs are gaining momentum. Our content collection is growing fast. One of them emailed back with a question: how are our Facebook apps doing?
. . .

Startups always face obstacles and challenges. I hope that everyone knows that. When you are celebrating a record week of sales, your merchant account transaction limit is hit and you can’t process credit cards for 24 hours. But you talk about the record sales and quietly fix the merchant account problem. When you add 1,000 databases, you broadcast it, and then you quietly fix the image usability issues that were discovered soon after they launched.

You always have good news and bad news. I think it is proper in the normal course of business to report on the good things and quietly fix the bad ones. Success breeds success, and good "

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