Tuesday, September 04, 2007

FTM 2008

rootsweb.com - Family Tree Maker software Board - FTM 2008 Disappointment:

"I just received & installed FTM 2008 and share the angst of the other posters. What a huge disappointment! I've been with FTM since version 5 (May 1998) and have almost 4000 individuals in my family file. I can't believe they would even consider releasing this stripped down useless version.

Could you please share some more information about Legacy?

Thanks in advance."

">>The same ideology was governed this new FTM as the change to the Rootsweb message boards: programmers who don't understand GENEALOGY or how users use the ite
seems are developing garbage.<<

rootsweb.com - Family Tree Maker software Board

see also:-

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: FTM-TECH

BROWSE RootsWeb: FTM-TECH-L Archives also the beta test

personally I have not had time to continue my test drive of FTM 2008
but use FTM 16 as my work horse


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