Monday, October 08, 2007

Abertillery old photos wanted

Welcome to Abertillery online - Croeso i Abertyleri ar y we:
"There was now pandemonium in the town as the news spread. Harold Jones was sent for trial, again at Monmouth, and this time he confessed.
Remarkably he also gave a second statement, although not read in court, in which he also admitted the murder of Freda Burnell.
Jones was still under 16 by a mere two months and so escaped the hangman's noose by virtue only of his age. He gave the reasons for the murders as a 'desire to kill'. His incarceration removed him from the streets of Abertillery though it is claimed by some that he was to return on several occasions in later years."
Can you help Neil Milkins? Neil is in the final stages of writing and compiling his book. You can contact him via

He is still keen to obtain Contemporary pictures of locations (1921) listed on Abertillery online


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