Saturday, October 13, 2007

Genealogy Reviews Online

Genealogy Reviews Online: DNA Ancestry Review Part 1: "This whole effort got off to a good start. I placed the order on Oct 10, and received an email stating my testing kit shipped on Oct 11. The site has a link called 'MyDNA' where you can track everything from the shipping of the kit, to the receipt of the kit at the lab, to when the tests are available. They estimate it will take the lab about 2 weeks to process the results. I also discovered that DNA Ancestry gives you a couple of privacy choices. One allows you to associate your Ancestry user name with the results so others can contact you if there is a match, and the other does not associate the two, but still allows people to contact you through Ancestry's connection service. So far so good. Once my kit arrives in the next few days, I will post DNA Ancestry Review Part 2 and let everyone know how that process goes."


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