Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Polish Genealogical Research

PolGen Research: "We are a professional firm that is conducting genealogical research throughout Poland. Our services include finding ancestors, heirs, properties and living relatives. The high standard of our professionalism guarantees the satisfaction of our clients."

genealogy Poland - Google Search - genealogy site:pl - Google Search - genealogia site:pl - Google Search

and finally polish sites with english pages genealogia site:pl english - Google Search

Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America: " (PIASA) was founded in 1942 during a time, as Pope John Paul II recalled “when our civilization was in crisis and terrible conflicts embraced the entire world; evil seemed to prevail against goodness and hatred was dominant over love; when Poland was condemned to extermination and filled with ruin and death”.

In the sixty three years that followed the Polish Institute went through many phases and changes in response to forces over which it had little or no control. But in spite of many difficulties and challenges it was able to achieve an enviable record that assures for it a secure and prominent place in the history of Polish America and the Polish diaspora."


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