Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DearMYRTLE: Give it your all

DearMYRTLE: Give it your all:
"Family history isn't just throwing together a book you put on the coffee table to look at on Sunday afternoon.
It is a quest to prove family relationships with the added bonus of putting each ancestor's life in historical perspective. I love getting to know the life & times of that US Civil War widow or Lincolnshire serf on my family tree.

  1. Write 15 minutes each week to painlessly compile your personal history using software like Personal Historian or Life Journal.
  2. Document family heirlooms (monocle, roll top desk, lace collar, family bible, teacup, broach, pickle crock) by taking a digital photo and typing up the history. Include this info in an email report to all known family members. Be sure to update your genealogy software to include the info by attaching it to the appropriate ancestor
  3. and lots more good ideas from Myrtle if you care to read her blogs


Blogger Myrt said...

Thank-you for sharing my blog entry with your readers, Hugh. Now that I am here watching my daughters in action (they make beaded jewelery) I realize why should genealogists be any different than my daughters who are giving it their all?

There is a learning curve to any undertaking and there is no point in doing genealogy "half way".

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

3:00 pm  

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