Sunday, February 17, 2008

Somerset parish registers

FreeREG - Search UK Parish Register Indices
Database updated 17 Jan 2008: There are now 3,636,957 records available (2,015,099 baptisms, 581,138 marriages and 1,040,720 burials)

As at 10 February 2008 FreeREG - Somerset and Bristol parts of 293 out of over 600 parishes now have entries on this FreeREG database.

Somerset Archive & Record Service who own the copyright on most of the records transcribed here, take no responsibility for their accuracy or completeness.

Due to the enlightened attitude of the Somerset Archive and Record Service, anyone wishing to transcribe from fiche copies of parish records they have purchased and to publish them in machine-readable form free of charge may do so provided:

(1) the transcripts are circulated without profit to the transcriber and with a proviso that any subsequent copying is allowed only if free of profit. Anyone wishing to include a subsequent copy as part of a profit-making publication or distribution would have to apply to Somerset Archive and Record Service for permission.

(2) a statement to this effect is included with the posting.

(3) a copy of the transcript is supplied (by Internet or disk) to the Somerset Archive and Record Service.

(4) the transcriber agrees to the transcript being made available to users at the Record Office and to its re-use in Archive Service databases and distribution over the Internet or by other means. The transcriber makes no claim for copyright against any such use by the Archive and Record Service.

We are also indebted to the Parishes who either donated their Registers to Somerset Records Office, or who have given us the results of their transcriptions.
The transcribers have also given their permission for us to use their work.

from my email:-

Hi All,

I know it is confusing because it is all happening so fast. Please have
patience. First, let me tell you that the vast majority of these transcripts
were done by Freereg volunteers (mine included). Therefore the data is
always available by search at Freereg. These new sites are not meant to be
private, quite the opposite. We are trying to SHARE our transcripts with the
widest possible audience. This new venture is only three days old and much
work is needed before I'll be happy with the result.
The more help we have from all of you the better this will work for all of

Let me lay out my "vision" for this project.

1. Somerset is divided into 40 Hundreds. One yahoo group will be started for
each Hundred.

2. Each Hundred will have in their links section:
a. links to the already existing chat groups on roots web. Etc.
b.links to the private sites which house parish transcripts that fall

within that Hundred.
c. link to a map of Somerset's Hundreds, for easy reference
d. links to the Hundreds that share boarders
e. additional links provided by users of the site

3. Each Hundred will house the full tss for the parishes in that Hundred.
a. These tss can be uploaded by anyone who wishes to share
b. As time allows, I will be contacting all the Freereg volunteers from
the various areas and inviting them to upload to the new sites.
c. Many files come to me as a result of my Freereg relationships, with
the permission of each transcriber, I will upload these files.
d. additional files of interest to that Hundred can be uploaded as well
(poor laws, tything records, etc.)
4. Each Hundred will house a list of ALL Somerset parishes with the links
to the yahoo Hundred groups and private sites housing their tss.
5. Each Hundred will post the copyright notice required by the SRO to
insure proper use of the files.


No one yahoo group has enough file storage for all of Somerset. Roots web
chat groups do have file space on the roots website, but many transcribers
are reluctant to upload their tss, because of the affiliation with and their deserve to keep the tss free to view.

We wish to enhance the relationship between the chat groups, private sites,
and Freereg volunteers by providing a space for all to come together in the
better interest of researchers.

This will not happen overnight. I suggest you join Hundreds that may
interest you and select to receive digest mail, or no mail at all. Continue
to use your existing chat groups and visit the yahoo sites when file uploads
are announced.

Vicki Ashley Danielson
Freereg volunteer for the Frome Hundred

SRO has granted permission for us to upload full tss to the internet, w/o
needing "individu
al" permissions; providing the SRO copyright notice is posted to the internet site. This copyright agreement can be found in the files section of each new Hundred.

Shepton Mallet and Stoke Lane parish transcriptions have been uploaded to the new yahoo group, Whitstone Hundred.

Bath St James Marriages,1569-1774, 1791-1812, transcribed by Jacquie Essex,
has been uploaded to the new Bath Hundred yahoo site. This is a work in
progress and will be updated as data becomes available. Thank you Jacquie Essex!

Timsbury baptisms and marriages have been updated again today! Thank you Pat Baird!


Frome : Family and social history in Frome, Somerset, and the villages in its Hundred: "This group is for sharing information relating to family and social history in the Hundred of Frome, Somerset, namely the parishes of Beckington, Berkley, Cloford, Elm, Frome Selwood, Laverton, Lullington, Marston Bigot, Nunney, Orchardleigh, Road/Rode, Rodden, Standerwick, Wanstrow, Whatley and Woolverton. It also includes the adjacent Liberties of East Cranmore, Leigh upon Mendip, Mells and Witham Friary and the Peculiar of Buckland Dinham.

There is a complementary website at"


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