Thursday, February 14, 2008

variations of the VADEN surname

Index: "Vaden Family Genealogical Research Center. . .
For the time being, my data is stored in a database in the Worldconnect project section in In order to view the data that I have to date, you can click on ‘DATABASE’ above or you can click on ‘SURNAMES’ above. The SURNAME option will take you to pages where you can select the individual in which you are interested. As I create the Family Group Sheets, I will be changing the link under the Surname/Given Name page from the Worldconnect page to this website

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: The Vaden Family Genealogical Research Center

see also:-
The Vaden Family Genforum Board, The Vaden Family Message Board at Rootsweb, and The Vaden Family Mailing List at Rootweb. For the purpose of this Research Center I have chosen to use The Vaden Family Mailing List.

but is is also best to maintain a prescence on WorldConnect as well


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