Friday, March 21, 2008

AOL genealogy webinar tonight

aol://2719:3-5135-Genealogy%20Chat%20UK "Chancery Court Records" from 1366

4:00 pm EST
for AOL users with AOL softwqare installed

Fridae, 21-Mar-08, GENTREK presents:-

Some Thoughts on English Chancery Court Records.

There is more personal history accumulated in Chancery documents than in any other single English archive relating to Britain's family and business links with the colonial empire. Because the greater part of genealogical inquiries originating in America about English ancestry are necessarily devoid of precise chronological or geographical points of reference, it is often necessary, in order to track down and isolate one emigrant ancestor, to compile a family history extending over several English counties and generations.

Join us at 4 pm EDT, or 9 pm British, 2200 European time in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom—UK.


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