Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Private archives in Denmark

Danmarks Nationale Privatarkivdatabase

Danmarks Nationale Privatarkivdatabase. Her kan du s√łge registreringer
over privatarkiver, som opbevares i lokalarkiverne, Statens Arkiver, Det Kongelige Bibliotek samt forskellige specialsamlinger som f. eks. Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv, Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv, Dansk Folkemindesamling . .

Danish private archives from a variety of persons, societies, organizations, institutions, businesses, shops etc. are collected and preserved by a great number of cultural institutions. This ensures fairly comprehensive coverage at the collecting stage, but may make it more difficult for users quickly to get a general view of the existing material and to identify the institution(s) in possession of the required material.

The Private Archives Committee, founded by the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs, has established as a high priority its desire to promote access to this valuable accumulation of knowledge within multiple repositories documenting private organizations and lives in Denmark.

A special appropriation by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs has, in 1999, enabled the Private Archives Committee to prepare DANPA, DAnmarks Nationale PrivatArkivdatabase. DANPA is national in scope. The database contains search capabilities for descriptive records representing approximately 80,000 private archives in Denmark. These bibliographic records are available to the public via the Internet. See Om arkiverne (About the archives) for a list of contributing archival institutions and the numerous private archives' repositories (currently only available in Danish).


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