Friday, May 09, 2008

Religion and Genealogy

Religion and Genealogy « What’s Past is Prologue: "As a genealogist, I am saddened to think that one day records may not be available - for without them, I would know very little about my ancestors. That is to say, without the Mormons taking those records, microfilming them, and making them available for me to look at.

As a Catholic, I can sort of understand why the Church, or why other faith groups, find offense in the Mormon tenent that they can baptize any deceased person into their faith. When I first heard of this, I was somewhat taken aback. What? They can make my great-grandfather Mormon? He’d “roll over” as the expression goes. I think my great-grandmother was Protestant, but I haven’t prayed to “make” her accept my faith today! It was her life to live, and I respect her choices and her life.

I say I “sort of” understand because I find it more humorous than offensive."


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