Friday, July 11, 2008

Clwyd Wales "These pages of names have been created as an index to the first names, surnames, and variations in their spelling, which I have collected together over many years, but which are mainly from the printed Parish Registers of Clwyd, transcribed by volunteer members of Clwyd Family History Society.

In connection with the registers, to begin with I used those containing the baptismal year of 1812, which is the date to which they were first transcribed, and reached my target to include the indexes of all of these in a master index from which I have gradually uploaded the information. Subsequent to this many registers have been added with dates before, and now some transcribed beyond, 1812.

Experts may not always agree with the 'umbrella' name under which I have placed some of the first names/surnames but I
take the view that this is just an index, not an academic work, and it is more important to be able to find the parish register reference number(s) for the name you are interested in. Having found the reference number, and noted it, you then go to my 'key' page to identify the particular register (link top left of each A-Z page)."


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