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AAI | Resources: "This page contains links to the technical guidelines for digitisation that were created by the team at An Chomhairle Leabharlanna and the participating institutions during the first phase of the Cultural Heritage Project."

Pilot Projects

The first phase of Cultural Heritage Project supported five pilot projects in the digitisation of particular types of media (newspapers, 3D material, maps, etc.). Download the PDF versions of the Final Reports for a step-by-step documentary on each project's progress in the digitisation of the different media.

Archive Material, Cork Archives Institute PDF Report, Website

Optical Character Recognition, Waterford City Library PDF Report, Website

Three-Dimensional Objects, Waterford Museum of Treasures PDF Report, Website

Audio and Video, Mayo County Library PDF Report, Website

Printed Text and Images, Dublin City Public Libraries PDF Report, Website

The collection of images used in the pilot projects is available as a resource that may be searched or browsed.

National Profile for Digitisation

This document, national profile of digitisation activities in 2003 , was drawn up in line with Ireland?s commitments under the Lund Action Plan to contribute to the creation of European cultural digitisation profiles and benchmarks.

Search or browse our set of profiles for existing 'Cultural Digitisation Projects' that are underway in Ireland.

Best Practice Digitisation Guidelines

A set of guidelines for digitisation has been published as a part of the final report of the Cultural Heritage Project.

Digitisation Bibliography

A bibliography of digitisation references has been compiled and is also available to download in PDF format.

Our Cultural Heritage Reports

A Strategy for Action for Public Libraries - This final report details the work carried out, the findings and the recommendations of phase one of the Cultural Heritage Project.

Building the Gateway - This report outlines the enhancement of the portal website and also details the work carried out in the areas of copyright, automated indexing of newspapers and three-dimensional imaging.

Special Collections

Search or browse this set of special collections of manuscripts, photos, maps and other cultural materials, hosted by cultural bodies in Ireland.

from Discussions - soc.genealogy.ireland | Google Groups:-

The Irish Library Council recently announced that Griffith's Valuation is
now available online at This is a tremendous
help since in the past the

indexes were available at and other sites, but
in order to view the details one had to pore through reels of microfilm. The
results are available transcribed in web page (.html) format and images of
the original document pages are also available. Maps of the area of interest
are also available both current and historical.

The current maps are from Google, however since there are many instances in
Ireland where multiple locations having the same name exist not only in
different counties but within the same county, it is necessary to carefully
scrutinize the image Google presents to you.

In my case I was looking for a townland called Cregg which is next to

There are other Creggs in West Galway and Google chose to display one of

instead. I was not able to get the website to display the historical version
of the same area.

Happy hunting.


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