Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Family history at Fallbrook Second Ward

Fallbrook Second Ward Newsletter: August 2008

The classes for "New Family Search" are going well. For those of you who have completed the course, a new feature has been added to the website. When you are in the "Pedigree with Details" window, there is a new button on the top of the row on the left side called "Summary". This window enables you to see all of the entries that have been combined or added and you can choose which one you would like to appear on your pedigree and family group records. In the past, when you combined entries, it would sometimes change the information on your records. This takes care of that frustration.

Remember, the goal is for everyone to take one of their family file cards to the temple for an Endowment on Nov. 8th. Other ordinances need to be done prior to that date. The youth are doing baptisms on April 16th. They can do more baptisms if they have family file cards to do. Contact Anne Renshaw or Dan and Kathy Lee if you need assistance.


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