Saturday, November 22, 2008

Menotomy Maps was established in 1988 - Blog: "During the summer of 1981 a friend and I were sitting in a restaurant in Boston discussing our new just-out-of-college jobs. We talked about the misery of sitting in a cubicle 5 days a week and the prospect of spending the next 30 years behind a computer screen. As our conversation went on I realized I needed to find some way to make a living outside of the white collar world, and as I looked out the window near our table I saw the answer written in large letters on the window of a shop across the street: GOLD.

Let me say here that I did end up spending most of the past 25 or so years sitting behind a computer screen and I never really found any decent quantity of gold. But I did discover the information contained in old maps and their benefit in research into local history, hiking and mountain biking on abandoned roads and trails, and their use in reading the landscape of the woods. In future writings here I will tell of the gold mines and gold panning streams I've found in New England."

from my email:-

OldRoads wrote:
I have a lot of old maps on line. The most detailed maps are from the northeastern US.
They may be of use to some genealogy people.

Petersen's 4WHEEL Magazine

Those who have used Forest Service maps for several years know that the older versions are generally the preferred ones. They give more details and show trails that have since been closed. We're not saying that you should venture on to closed trails, but when they are shown on the map, they help you pinpoint your location. Well imagine how much better and more fun maps from the 1800s might be.
Menotomy Maps [address] offers reprints of just such maps. Maps from several time periods and of varying detail are available. [pricing info] Many of the maps show detail right down to the location of old bars, abandoned railroad crossings and even old ruins. These old landmarks also aid cross-country navigation for hikers and four-wheelers alike and can be an explorer's dream. more...


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