Monday, January 19, 2009

ShoeString Genealogy

ShoeString Genealogy

ShoeString Genealogy provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. Besides how, we will show you where—locations for information and the relative value of each.

Here you will find useful, free Genealogy Charts and some free Genealogy Forms. And there are free Presentations on Genealogy Topics; Tips and Techniques; new Developments and Resources; and diversions such as Trivia Quizzes and Crossword Puzzles.

ShoeString Genealogy focuses on lowering the costs of research whilst raising the quality of information obtained. Although not all online resources are free, many are. Same for many repositories. We'll show you an abundance of excellent resources that are quite inexpensive, too.

What's New?

  • Mondae, 19-Jan-09, GENTREK will present "U.S. Federal Census 1840 through 1850," by Dae Powell. We'll examine what is and isn't on each census and some of the pitfalls to be aware of. Additional supporting sources will be discussed, too. You may want to be here at 9 pm EST in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom.

  • Tuesday, 20-Jan-09, GLF-GEORGE will hold the New England States chat starting at 8pm EST. This chat will be held in the StateRoom. George discusses researching in New England, with emphasis on Maine and New Hampshire. He also has resources in Massachusetts, since he resides in its western part. And he has full membership at NEHGS, along with ANCESTRY.COM and GENEALOGY.COM. Take advantage of these New England States chats.

  • Wednesdae, 21-Jan-09, Stoneman0118 will present Genealogy Trivia. It happens at 9:30 pm EST in the Ancestral Room.

  • Thursdae, 22-Jan-09, GENTREK will present a "Conceptual Model of Genealogical Evidence." We'll present a framework for conceptualizing genealogical evidence. It rests upon a sound understanding of the terms used as construction materials. Some labels that many genealogists apply interchangeably in their discussions of evidence require discrete and significantly different meanings—principally facts, sources, evidence, and proof. Come join us from 10pm-11pm EST in the GENTREK Room.

  • Fridae, 23-Jan-09, GENTREK will present a review of "Copernic Agent BASIC v. 6.12." Bottom line: This is free. No time limit. It is professionally done and feature-laden, so you'll want to learn more. We'll see you at 4 pm EST, or 9 pm British, in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom—UK.

  • Fridae, 23-Jan-09, GLF-Wohlford and GLF-Debbie explore the world of paranormal activity in our lives, our ancestors' lives and in our research. They may talk about ghosts, psychic phenomenon in research, or beliefs of our ancestors—whatever interests you. They even have some Reiki Masters who can discuss energy sources and ancestral guides and their influence on research. Hope to see you 9pm-10pm EST in the StateRoom.

  • Saturdae, 24-Jan-09, Happy Dae and Fancy Jayne will be in Mugs & Hugs, Saturdae edition. These are friendly chats, where any topic may come up—even genealogy. And you don't have to remain the entire hour. Each Saturdae, from 9am-10am EST in AOL chatroom Ancestral Digs.

  • Saturdae, 24-Jan-09, Goodfeller will present Genealogy Trivia. It happens at 9:30 pm EST in the Ancestral Room.

  • Saturdae, 24-Jan-09, GLF-LIN hosts her chat, Notable Kin. Do you have a famous or infamous relative? You'll find her in the Ancestral Room at 8:00 pm EST in the GEN Trivia Room.

  • Saturdae, 17-Mar-09, Dae Powell will present "Family Medical History. This is not an online presentation, however. Sponsored by the Center for Texas Studies at Texas Christian University, it will be held at the downtown public library in Fort Worth.


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