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Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England

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Transcribed Parish Records

Baptism, Marriage and Burial records of the Parish Churches and Non-conformist Chapels within the Forest of Dean. Also, we have many bordering Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Monmouthshire Parish Church records in the database.
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Up-to-date list consists of all the parish records have been transcribed and what records are currently in progress of being transcribed.
Up-to-date list of transcribed records

Ashleworth Marriages 1838-1978 *
Awre Marriages 1909-1947 *
Blakeney Marriages 1933-1944 *
Bream Baptisms 1922-1945 *
Bream Burials 1920-1951
Bream Marriages 1920-1941
Chepstow Marriages 1837-1900
Chepstow Municipal Cemetry Burials 1925-1933
Christchurch Burials 1938-1951
Christchurch Marriages 1915-1940
Clearwell Baptisms 1917-1958 *
Drybrook Burials 1908-1933
Dymock Burials 1901-1964
Dymock Marriages 1930-1951 *
Falfield Baptisms 1813-1877
Hasfield Marriages 1837-1977 *
Hewelsfield Marriages 1931-1938
Maisemore Burials 1879-2008 *
Much Marcle Baptisms 1860-1886
Norton Baptisms 1745-1795
Norton Burials 1686-1744
Redmarley Burials 1859-1905
Ross on Wye Baptisms 1671-1723
Ross Roman Catholic Baptisms 1926-1967 *
The Leigh Baptisms 1685-1812
The Leigh Burials 1683-1812
The Leigh Marriages 1683-1812
Upton Bishop Baptisms 1795-1812
Upton Bishop Burials 1795-1812 *
Wotton under Edge Baptisms 1830-1852
* Recent events are not available on-line for privacy reasons
** Updated Records

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