Saturday, May 23, 2009 - free genealogy searches, obituary searches, library: "The purpose of is to be a free genealogy search site that will hopefully inspire new family researchers. By providing a means to gather a large amount of data for a surname, one can build a family tree very quickly. (Hint: start with yourself, work backwards, using the census records. Then build using the many databases referenced from this site.)"

from my usenet email:-

The hosting platform for
was changed by the parent host and caused the user-contributed forums
to be disfunctional for a few days. These forums, especially the
Canadian one at
host thousands and thousands of obituaries and just had a ton of
funeral home obits added recently. I apologize if you visited and
got an error message. The forums are back up and running and have
tested successfully. They are also being kept spam-free (full-time
job!). Each forum is independently searchable.

User-Contributed Obituary Forum

User-Contributed Data Forum

User-Contributed Canadian Obituary Forum

Hope this helps.


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