Thursday, May 14, 2009

Krause Home Page

Krause Home Page: "Welcome to the Arnie Krause Genealogy Home Page
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  1. Genealogy
  2. PDF eBooks
  3. Purpose of Data Base includes a link to St. Croix Valley Families.
  4. Useful Links
  5. General Information & Genealogy Notes
  6. Saskatoon Genealogy Society Home Page
  7. Family Tree Maker Genealogy Program. FTM 2006/16 report generation. Testing and evaluation of Beta version of FTM 2008, FTM 2008(, FTM 2008(, and FTM 2009(;
  8. Photos and Scanned Documents : Contains both known and unknown photographs. Help to identify who the people are.
  9. Saskatchewan Land Survey: If your ancestors homesteaded in Saskatchewan and you know the land location then you may find this useful.
  10. DNA based genealogy research.
  11. Krause Newsletter: Newsletter of different Krause branches.
  12. Search Engine: Search pages associated with this homepage and associated ISP at Freepages.
  13. Searching Your Roots: A must for those who need an orderly approach to genealogy research.
  14. Visit my OLD Guestbook (Archived guestbook from @Home Network. Cannot add messages.)
  15. Visit my Archived Guestbook. Last entry is 1 Feb. 2008
  16. Add to my new Guestbook
  17. FrontPage Problems with Service.lck My Solution!!
  18. Sudoku Mind Exerciser: Use a step by step approach to this game
  19. Hit Counter Values for pages on this Web:


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