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Mythology vs. Genealogy

Mythology vs. Genealogy: Christman Family Genealogy Website

"During my research, I have come across “Mythology vs. Genealogy” victims who are spreading erroneous and undocumented information in regards to the Christman ancestors. One of the most spread and copied theories is the one that indicates who the parents are for Jacob Christman (c1711-1761) in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. I have found NO documents, sources or evidence that support this theory. In other cases, the information posted does not even make biological sense.

In the genealogy world of researchers for the truth, we do not accept hunches, myth's or "what someone states as fact” and then post it on the internet as a fact. Posting such unproven information on the internet as a stated fact without clear qualifiers indicating that it is just an unproven theory is very damaging to the search for the truth. Researchers then have to spend many hours tracking down the source of the theories posted as facts and try to correct the information on the internet.

Genealogical Standards & Guidelines Recommended by the National Genealogical Society. Standards For Sound Genealogical Research “test every hypothesis or theory against credible evidence, and reject those that are not supported by the evidence.” And “avoid misleading other researchers by either intentionally or carelessly distributing or publishing inaccurate information.”

Code of Ethics and Conduct Board of Certification of Genealogist: “I will not publish or publicize as fact anything I know to be false, doubtful, or unproven; nor will I be a party, directly or indirectly, to such action by others.”

Quote from a fellow researcher's website: "The problem with Genealogy is that it is an INEXACT hobby. We can ONLY research what is THERE--and when hard evidence stops, so do we. It is fascinating to delve into "maybe this, or maybe that," but we CAN NOT put forth as factual, things that are not."

Now, in saying all of this, I fully realize that research into the ancestry of Jacob Christman (c1711-1761) WILL continue--and it MUST. Reports of on-going research SHOULD be made public. I just wish it would NOT be stated, or implied, that mysteries such as this have been SOLVED. They will not be...not until HARD evidence is brought forth.."

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Blogger Dera Williams said...

Oral history should be documented as such in one's records.

5:57 pm  
Blogger christmanrd said...

I totally agree with you Ms Dera Williams.

R. David Christman
Christman Family Genealogy

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