Friday, June 05, 2009

Google Groups or USENET

Google Groups archives
my first messages about genealogy on the net October 1997

Google Groups from Feb 27, 1996: "
This person has not created a profile."

which came from DEJA NEWS after a year off line before being rescued by Google

Deja News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The Deja News Research Service was an archive of messages posted to Usenet discussion groups, started in 1995 by Steve Madere in Austin, Texas. Its powerful search engine capabilities won the service acclaim, generated controversy, and significantly changed the perceived nature of online discussion.

While archives of Usenet discussions had been kept for as long as the medium existed, Deja News offered a novel combination of features. It was available to the general public, provided a simple World Wide Web user interface, allowed searches across all archived newsgroups, returned immediate results, and retained messages indefinitely. The search facilities transformed Usenet from a loosely organized and ephemeral communication tool into a valued information repository. The archive's relative permanence, combined with the ability to search messages by author, raised concerns about privacy and confirmed oft-repeated past admonishments that posters should be cautious in discussing themselves and others. . . . . . . .

By 2001 the search service was shut down. The archives were acquired by Google[3] and reintroduced as Google Groups. Archive coverage was extended back to 1981 with the addition of collections from private sources.


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