Sunday, June 07, 2009

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Genealogy - JourneyMouse: "Getting into Genealogy

Genealogy is an on-off hobby that I pick up every now and again. Thankfully, none of the people I'm researching are going anywhere and none of them cares if I lose interest in them for months at a time.

Other members of my family were into genealogy before me, which is how I got into it. On the BECK side, my aunt (K Mary BECK) had already researched most of the BECK ancestry I now have on file before I was born. She also did a some research into the other families but the information that came to me was an ancestry tree- or a diagram showing her direct ancestors only. On the THOMAS side, a distant relative had put together a booklet of the descendants of William (Frederick) THOMAS and his wife Catherine (Carol).

So, most of my work has been checking and then expanding on the existing research. Which doesn't mean it is correct, of course!"


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