Sunday, June 14, 2009

RootsWeb Review

"Using Rootsweb

By Joan Young
Evaluating Online Genealogical Data -- To Accept or Not to Accept?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone complain that an online family tree or database is 'garbage,' error-ridden, or sloppily compiled, I wouldn't have to worry about the state of the world's economy. Some researchers even claim that they would never stoop to looking at online user-submitted data (such as RootsWeb's WorldConnect database). Let's take a look...

Don't automatically discard user-submitted data. Information you find online, regardless of the source, may provide the very answers you need. I once found a will mentioned in a WorldConnect tree that provided the maiden name of an immigrant ancestor's wife I'd been seeking for years. The submitter sent me a copy of the woman's father's will which provided conclusive proof. Part of family history research is being a sleuth. Don't merely copy another researcher's files perpetuating errors. Verify and evaluate the evidence you find online."

RootsWeb Review Archives - 2009: "Each issue of the monthly RootsWeb Review newsletter includes information about additions and/or changes to (such as new databases, mailing lists, and websites), plus tips on using, genealogical research, humor, readers' stories and tips, and other articles of interest to family historians around the world."


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