Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bigland, Gloucestershire genealogy

0190 - Bigland, Gloucestershire:

"Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collections Relative to the County of Gloucester

Ralph Bigland - published 1786

This is probably the most important work for genealogists with Gloucestershire interests.

If you only buy one CD book for Gloucestershire, then this is the one!

Ralph Bigland started his work about 1750, and worked for some 30 years transcribing the gravestones of many Gloucestershire church yards, and then produced papers describing each place in detail. On his death, the work was published in 1786 in two huge volumes by his son, Richard Bigland, and included many beautiful engravings.

The copy on our 4 CD set was digitised from the original volumes of the first edition of 1786.

The work of Bigland was published again later in the 1890s in four volumes, and included some other papers written by the author.

The Archive CD Books Project was very fortunate indeed to to be able to obtain a copy of this extremely rare and sought after original work.

Although the book cost £500.00 we shall give it away as a gift to one of Gloucestershire's Local Studies Libraries or a museum in Gloucestershire, where it can be preserved for future generations. That's what the Archive CD Books Project is all about."

Archive CD Books Project: "As Rod Neep is retiring, Archive CD Books Ltd will cease taking new orders and the company will be closed down. The company is not being sold.

Ordering is no longer possible from this site.

All orders already received in the GB store have been processed and posted during the few weeks before Christmas 2007.

The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations."


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