Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shipwreck Ireland

Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of shipwrecks on and off the Irish Coast: "Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of ship wrecks on and off the Irish Coast. The intent of this site is to provide researchers and divers with information pertaining to the numerous shipwrecks around the the coast of Ireland and to increase awareness of this valuable historical and recreational resource.
The material found here has been sourced from many original documents, including newspapers, Lloyds Lists, English Board of Trade Records, a full list is available in the references page. In many cases, all the information we have is the name of the vessel and the General area where it sank.

We welcome any relevant information, and are especially interested in wreck locations GPS or Lat & Long , depths, condition and any stories relating to dives on Irish wreck sites."


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