Sunday, September 13, 2009

poor service from FMP and 1911 census continues

from usenet mail:-

I've just spent a fascinating day with members of a family that intertwines with one branch of mine, leaving me wanting to look things up. However there's still no sign of a subscription service to the 1911 - just vague hints "later in 2009" which I believe have been there since it was first released.   I don't want to subscribe to anywhere else to look at earlier census returns (which I'd like to do for the above story) as I really need to be able to go through an entire village in 1911 (my interest in it is local, as well as family, history as anyone who has heard my moaning here already will probably recall), so am saving my coppers for that.   Does anyone think we are ever going to get the subscription service, or should I just find a quiet day and hit Kew, and try to cram it in there? I'm looking at a village of 391 people, so I MIGHT be able to do what I want...?  Yours in gouty Colonel mode,
just like a silly librarian only charging you to search and read one page of a book at a timw

impossible to do serious research in local history for example

I certainly will not be renewing my subscription to
Family Tree, Family History, Find Your Past, UK | and Welcome to the official 1911 Census website remains useless

also from usenet:-

According to an FMP representative at yesterday's National Family
History Fair at Gateshead Stadium, FMP will take over the 1911
census from in October. They will then introduce
a "1911 census only" subscription of around £39, and existing
"Explorer" subscribers will be able to pay an additional fee of
around £30 to upgrade their subscription to include the 1911


Blogger google said...

Hello Hugh,

An annoucement on 1911 subscriptions will be made in the next day or so on the blog. I'm not really sure how this constitutes poor service as the census has been complete for less than three months and we've always been completely clear that a subscription would be made available on after an initial period of PayAsYouGo access via If there's any aspect of that you feel is less than satisfactory, do get in touch with Customer Support and we will do our best to set your mind at rest.

8:50 am  
Blogger Jen70 said...

I agree that FMP give poor service. I waited 9 days for a reply to an email which did not give the answer I sought and am still waiting, after 7 days, for reply to second email.
All I need to find out is how you take out a 'stand alone' 1911 subscription. I cannot find how to do this anywhere on the site and the call centre were not helpful either.

8:57 am  
Blogger Hugh W said...

Family history records subscriptions at
"1911 Census
6 month - 12 month
£39.95 - £59.95"

personally I recommend the full subscription because there are more search possibilities - for example of the occupations and addresses in earlier census

3:15 pm  

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