Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Arlington errors

Arlington unveils a new unknown soldier | Salon News: "At first, Arlington denied any problem. Salon asked the cemetery last summer, 'Has the cemetery ever dug a grave only to find there is already someone there, though the grave is unmarked?' Cemetery spokeswoman Kaitlin Horst responded, 'We are not aware of any situation like that.' Salon later produced internal paper records showing that the cemetery did not know the identity of the remains in grave 449.

That apparently caused Arlington to change its tune. 'Arlington National Cemetery officials have known about this situation since 2003, when in the process of preparing for a burial, a casket was discovered in grave 449 in Section 68,' Horst then admitted. 'At that time, a review of records took place to locate the corresponding documents. The files could not be matched.'"


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