Monday, October 12, 2009

Second Life Genealogy

Steps for Joining - Second Life - Live Roots Genealogy Zone Guide: "here are several new concepts to understand about living in Second Life. Fortunately, many of genealogists in Second Life are available to help you get acclimated.

There are tremendous benefits to exploring your genealogy in Second Life, and we want you to be able to join us and begin collaborating. Here are the steps to follow to become a part of the genealogy community in Second Life."

from my usenet mail:-

Popular genealogist and blogger, DearMYRTLE is starting a three-part series for BEGINNING genealogists tonight on the Second Life social networking platform. Second Life is a virtual world that offers text and voice chatting services for free.  For information on how to join Second Life and become part of the growing genealogy community, read my step-by-step instruction page:  Step #6 involves adding my Second Life avatar as a friend, and when you complete this, I'll guide you to tonite's chat location.  Group chats are occurring regularly in Second Life. It's like a virtual genealogical society, great for anyone who doesn't have a local society to participate in. I'm personally amazed at how many brickwalls have been smashed through online collaboration in Second Life these past few months.  - illya   Illya J. D'Addezio, Owner Genealogy Today LLC 


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