Friday, October 09, 2009

Morwyr Cymru - Welsh Mariners

Morwyr Cymru - Welsh Mariners: "Mariners represent a difficult group to research from the point of view of the family historian. I wanted to make information about our Welsh maritime ancestors more easily available to anyone researching their family and Welsh heritage, and so it seemed appropriate to develop this website and make the information on it freely available to all."

The core of the site is a database of (currently) over 23,500 Welsh Merchant Mariners - masters, mates and engineers. A more detailed explanation of who is on the index and who is not is available here

As 2005 was the bicentenary year of the battle of Trafalgar the October 2005 update of our website now includes two separate searchable databases of Welsh mariners. These are the existing database of merchant seamen active from 1800 to 1945 and a new database of over 3000 men active in the Royal Navy from 1795 to 1815, which includes Welshmen at the battle of Trafalgar. More on the RN database.


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