Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Heritage Collector file management

Heritage Collector Suite:

"* Organize Photos and Documents
* Find Any Photo in Seconds
* Photo Identification
* Save Hard Drive Space
* Archive and Search CDs and DVDS
* Safeguard Files With Backup System
* Create Sharable PDFs

Free Newsletters: "Windows® 7 - The Mystery Unveiled
My report card and summary of experiences with the beta version of Windows 7.

This review is not technical, detailed or scientific. My goal was to see if I could install and use Windows 7 with my existing software and hardware. I had some pleasant surprises you will find interesting. Which is best for you? Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Added 10/12/2009"

Take the Quick Tour

* Use Oral Narration in Slide Shows
* Convert Old Audio Tapes
* Create Shareable Slide Shows
* Create 'Talking' Photos
* Print in Many Different Formats
* Digital Family History Guidebook (PDF) FREE!"


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