Tuesday, June 20, 2006

History of Parliament Trust wants researchers

History of Parliament
18 Bloomsbury Square
tel 020 7636 9269e
mail pseaward@histparl.ac.uk

Rate of pay: 12.75pounds per hour for most tasks requiring advanced research skills.

This rate is inclusive of holiday pay.
For some tasks(e.g.,transcription of printed, or easy manuscript sources) a lower rate is paid.
Researchers are paid monthly on the basis of a time-sheet which they fill in, and which is counter-signed by the research supervisor. Payments aremade by bank transfer.


There are currently four Sections at work on the House of Commons, covering the periods 1422-1504, 1604-1629, 1640-1660 and 1820-1832.

In 1998, the Trustees decided to begin a new Section covering the House of Lords 1660 to 1832.

For further details of the progress of these projects, please click on the appropriate period. http://www.history.ac.uk/hop/

The Trustees have agreed in principle both to carry the project forward beyond 1832 and back before 1386.
Since 1995, the History of Parliament has been principally funded by an annual grant-in-aid from the House of Commons. From 1998, the House of Lords has contributed a fifth of this annual amount because of the opening of a Section on the history of the House of Lords. The funding supports 25 research staff and a small team of administrative staff. The project is based at 15 Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0NS, but retains close links with its original host, the Institute for Historical Research.


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