Tuesday, October 04, 2005

visit to LIDL in Herlev

When I got to Herlev Station I meseed up I turned left instead of right.
after wandering and asking - LIDL sounds like the danish word for "little" I arrived. nasty little map S tog station is not marked and the LIDL sign should be further south between the road and the railway on what was a goods yard

Looks good with a lot of cars at about 6:00pm

my old eyes love these signs above the goods (I don't need reading glasses and I stocked up on four kinds of fish and some chicken portions

this guy is the manager

oops I thought he was the managher

these bus signs are a disaster in lettering style and readable at about half the distance of the old roller blinds

I sat down and enjoyed the warmth on my bad knee and dozed for at least 20 minutes of the way this bus takes one hour door to door Herlev to Brumleby, Øster Alle, København which meant my 20 kg trolley including frozen fish and chicken, rye bread, 12 litres UHT milk, basmati rice, virgin olive oil and dijon mustard was very very eay to get home

I got my old favourite I get from LIDL in England CIEN kitchen rolls with briliant wet strengh,
and new to me BREMER Kaffee

I can also recommend the dark chocolate bar (70% cocoa solids) and the fine vinegar.


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