Friday, August 11, 2006

blasted out of bed

at 4:00 am with a cramp in my thigh and dystonia in my foot (which wears off when I sit at the computer instead of trying to sleep

So I watch ARD tv and Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands - Google Search
the single line branch railway Plauen Gera - (Google Search)
in Lower Saxony was filmed on a misty morning

Saxonia - Vogtland - Göltzschtalbridge: "The Göltzschtal Bridge and the Elstertal Bridge"

It felt spooky finding this picture minutes afte seeing the same signals on TV from the train drivers cab. The big diesel was very quiet just the clicking of electrical contacts as it accelerated to 35 km an hour (according to the speed restriction board seen) I google to find out where we are because I have no detailed knowledge of German geography other than the garrison towns I visited as an RE band musician 1959 to 1964

from Die Elstertalbahn von Gera nach Weischlitz.

Home > Germany > Places > Greiz-dolau
an interesting application of google maps

my plans for today are to continue working in the archives in Copenhagen - I am taking lots of snaps but lack the time to post them.

see yesterday's blogs
early in Copenhagen Ø
and Copenhagen school records in the archives


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