Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can you give me your opinion of Ancestry.com?

from my mail box:-

Subject: Can you give me your opinion of Ancestry.com?

I have been most pleased with Ancestry.com. It has made tremendous progress to accomodate Mac users.

The data is not more to be doubted than that found in a reputable family history library. I sometimes think that researchers are overly concerned about "proving." I have run into too many cases where the official records are just wrong. My own middle name is incorrectly reported in official birth records.

There is no way, that I can see, to avoid making considered decisions about names and dates, etc.

Ancestry.com has taken its place up there with the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.


Subject: "Smart" Place Names
Surely there must be an better way than wikipedia...


Just a note of caution concerning Wikipedia. While it is usually interesting, and sometimes helpful, there is a lot of material thereon that is less than fully accurate. Some contributors simply do not know or disregard the facts.

So it is best not to rely on Wikipedia alone without confirmation from another source. Correction of inaccurate material on Wikipedia can be difficult so it often remains there for a long time. The same is true with Family Search.

I use google for place names and add the keyword GENUKI for british place names
or SOGN HERRED AMT for danish names - or SITE:DK
(parish hundred county in danish)

if a danish place or surname only appears in english language sites that is almost always a sign of a typo or other mis-spelling

german SITE:DE and so on

there are also GAZETTEER so that is a another handy keyword
and on http://ancestry.co.uk/
use a Keyword(s) search in
1881 England or 1881 Wales

the newly updated http://www.1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ also allows street searchng and the DESCRIPTION OF DISTRICT remains a freebie image
Place search - look at who was in which enumeration district in 1901.
you have to pay for lists and images of households


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