Sunday, August 20, 2006

from Cyndi's List

and my mailbox:-

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I receive hundreds of e-mail messages each day and many of them are filled with questions about me, my list, the time I spend working on the list, etc.

I put together a list of these questions and answers online for everyone that might be curious. I will add new questions and answers to this list as they pop up in my e-mail box. I hope that this list will solve some of the misconceptions and satisfy everyone's curiosity.

In today's email


Margaret Monger
5 Shottermill Park
Haslemere Surrey GU27 1RT
England Phone:+ (0) 1428 641 368

a major expert but she only charges £10 an hour


The Italian emigrants database was created to give useful information for the research of its own origins to the children and grandchildren of the emigrants of the beginning of the last century.
All data was provided by the Italian town halls.


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