Wednesday, November 15, 2006

100 Million Websites

100 Million Websites (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox): "Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, November 6, 2006:
100 Million Websites

The early Web's explosive growth rate has slowed, but even the mature Web is still expanding and recently crossed the 100 M websites mark.

Netcraft's latest Web survey found 101,435,253 websites in November 2006. Not all of these sites are live: some are 'parked' domains, while others are abandoned weblogs that haven't been updated in ages. But even if only half the sites are maintained, there are still more than 100 M sites that people pay to keep running.

Surpassing 100 M is a big milestone, and represents immense growth since the Web's founding 15 years ago.
see a logarithmic chart which plots the number of sites from 1991 to 2006. "

Jakob Nielsen will discuss the implications of the Web's numerous sites and changing growth rates in further detail in a full-day seminar on Fundamental Guidelines for Web Usability at the User Experience 2006 conference in London on Saturday.


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