Tuesday, November 21, 2006

in the book

from my email:

Another more positive way of keeping dates of people we love is
to maintain a birthday book. I started mine fifteen years ago and
have also added death dates of close relatives and a few friends who
have died since 1991. We do not keep a Bible with family dates, but
this book is important to me. People always enjoy being remembered on
their special day! The book also includes some wedding anniversaries.

Over the past fifty-two years of marriage I have also kept address
books, and they are fun to look back through. My mother's address
books are also in a file, because one never knows when that
information may be important to a genealogist!

Ruth Lawrence
Georgetown, Texas

from "The Ancestry Weekly Journal" a free service of Ancestry.com. It
is available to all registered users and members.

I have both my mother's who died in 1999 and my paternal grandfather's who diued in 1935 and i started my trees by entering all the data in Family Tree maker

As a family historian i included all of their friends too and put them on line here
Family Tree WATKINS and LAPHAM --Monmouthshire and Bristol UK
now I have too many names for thta kind of site so I continue here
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM 2005: "Entries: 2597 Updated: 2006-10-23"


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