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jewish surnames in cemeteries

surnames cemetery copenhagen - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG: "Surnames of those buried in the Cemetery of Møllegade

Names compiled from Jul. Margolinsky: 'Jødiske Dødsfald i Danmark 1693-1976'.
Dansk Historisk Håndbogsforlag, København 1978 - ISBN 87 85207 19 5 INDB.
Copyright © 1977: Jul. Margolinsky & Dansk Historisk H�ndbogsforlag.
Available from: Dansk Historisk Håndbogsforlag, Klintevej 25, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark."

The first burial in Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery was the 19. January 1886, and it is still in use.

From October 1943 until May 1945, when the greater part of the Danish Jewish population lived as refugees in Sweden, 26 Jews died in Denmark and they were buried in this cemetery - sometimes with the assistance of vicars from the Danish Lutheran Church.

Surnames of those buried in Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery (1955-1976)

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According to the Census of 1. July 1787 only two Jewish families lived in Horsens: Joel Ballin and Isac Zacharias Levy.

In the beginning of the 19th Century a few more families had come to Horsens from Fredericia. At the request of David Davidsen, Joseph Carl Wulff and Isac Zacharias Levy the Jews in Horsens got permission in 1803 to establish a synagogue.

Horsens, Denmark - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG:
"Horsens Jewish Cemetery
The Jewish cemetery in Horsens was established in 1850 when an area of some 7,000 square 'alen' [1 'alen' ~ two feet] outside the town was bought for 250 Rigsbankdaler and conveyed to Moses Isac Levy, as representative for the Jewish congregation. Until that time Jews had been buried in Fredericia Jewish Cemetery.
Surnames of those buried in Horsens Jewish Cemetery


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